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A new technique to gauge the vulcanization kinetics of natural rubber latex using viscosity measurements and the use of the above method to study the effects of variation of activator content on vulcanization of NR latex,

Journal paper
Sathaananthan, T. and Karunanayake, L.
JSc –EUSL Volume 5(1) 2008, Pages 32-38

1. A rapid and accurate method for determining the dry rubber content and total solid content of NR latex

Journal paper
L.M.K. Tillekeratne, L. Karunanayake, P.H. Sarath Kumara
J.Poly.Testing V8(1989),353-358

Effect of incorporation of peanut and sesame oils and their epoxides on the structure of PVC

Journal paper
L.Karunanayake and PNJ Fernando
J. Natn.Sci.Foundation Sri Lanka 2006 34(2): 97-102

Effect of Magnesium and Phosphate Ions on the Stability of Concentrated Natural Rubber Latex and the Properties of Natural Rubber Latex-Dipped Products

Journal paper
L. Karunanayake and G. M. Priyanthi Perera
J. App. Polym. Sci., 99: 3120-3124 (2006)

Epoxidized vegetable oils as processing aids and activators in carbon-black filled natural rubber compounds

Journal paper
Ganga Chandrasekara, M.K. Mahanama, D.G. Edirisinghe and L. Karunanayake
J.Natn.Sci.Foundation Sri Lanka 2011 39 (3):245-252

Kinetics of degradation of PVC-containing novel neem oil as stabilizer

Journal paper
Padmasiri K. Gamage, Ahmed S. Farid, L. Karunanayake.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science,Volume 112(4) 2009, Pages: 2151-2165

Study on natural oils as alternative processing aids and activators in carbon black filled natural rubber

Journal paper
Jayewardhana, W.G.D. , Perera, G.M., Edirisinghe, D.G. and Karunanayake,
J. Natn.Sci.Foundation Sri Lanka 2009 37(3): 187-193

Synthesis,characterization, and metal adsorption properties of tannin-phenol formaldehyde resins produced using tannin from dried fruit of Terminalia chebula (Aralu)

Journal paper
Araseratnem, S. and Karunanayake, L.
J.App.Polym.Sci.,115(2): 1081 - 1088 (2010)

The effect of glass powder on engineering thermoplastics

Journal paper
J. Natn.Sci.Foundation Sri Lanka 2007 35(1): 13-17